One tool, to orchestrate all your marketing stack.

All growing businesses run into the same plethora of APIs and SaaS.
Siloed data leads to fragmented customer experiences and inconsistent user lifecycle messages. PlainFlow solves it.

Access to the Private Beta is by invitation only.

Build workflows to deliver unique customer experiences.

Design advanced workflows by combining your favourite tools. Trigger actions based on all your customer data — whether they come from your product or external integrations.

Let’s see a sample workflow in action:
  1. When a new user signs up to your product
  2. You will send her a welcome email
  3. ... and add her to your Slack community group
  4. When she pays for her first month subscription
  5. You will send her a postcard on the behalf of the CEO

All your customer data in one place.

Forget data silos. PlainFlow will centralize all your customer data in a single place.

You get a unified view for each of your customers. You can understand how they interact with you and your product at any level — from product behaviors, email & in-app interactions, and support requests.

PlainFlow for Startups

We want to support people in the world who are doing great products, that’s why we offer a special pricing for qualified early stage startups.

Signup now for the beta invite and you’ll get early access to PlainFlow at no cost.


Access to the Private Beta is by invitation only