Design customers' journeys and trigger actions based on user activities and behavior

Do automation in a data driven way

Access to the Closed Beta is by invitation only.

Automated Workflows

Use our workflow engine to design your customers' journeys and trigger series of actions in real time based on user activities.

Show new users how to get started using your product, retain your customers, nurture leads, and create fully personalized paths using behavioural emails.



Browse and discover tons of applications and services to customize PlainFlow to fit your business needs.

Have a consistent way to communicate to your customers across many different channels like Facebook Messenger, Push notifications, Emails, Web Notification and, Slack.

Email Templates and Workflow Blueprints

Hundreds of workflows blueprints that have been used and tested by hundreds of online successful SaaS to acquire, nurture, and personalize their customer journeys.

Get started immediately by picking up what’s perfect for your business.


PlainFlow for Startups

We help early tech startups become great companies with PlainFlow technology.

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Access to the Closed Beta is by invitation only