Transcending company silos with a Shared Responsibility Model

At this year’s SaaStock conference, I had the opportunity to talk with a lot of amazing people (founders of SaaS-oriented companies, marketers, salespeople, C-levels). Many of them thought that I was in marketing or that I previously worked for a marketing services company or similar.

Instead, my path couldn’t be more different. I’m a technical guy who has spent his career in the IT world. I founded my first IT company when I was 17. I spent the next 13 years building reliable IT infrastructures and web apps. I had the opportunity to see a startup grow from 3 to 60+ employees. I also lived the exciting experience of joining the 500 Startups family in 2014 (batch 11).

I credit these experiences for helping me understand the walls that tend to separate Marketing, Sales, Product/Engineering, and Customer Service from one another. More importantly, they also show me how we can tear them down.

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