Accelerate revenue with these three Account Based Marketing tactics

In marketing, there was a time when more = better. By casting a wide net, marketers hoped to pull in as many leads as possible. More leads, more traffic to the website, more content — what could be better? 

The underlying idea was this: Increase the number of possible “attempts” to increase your chances of success.

With this “More of Everything” philosophy, marketing playbooks suddenly become over-abused, blogs became content farms, and companies started to over-measure and over-optimize commoditized best practices.

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The Modern Marketing SaaS Stack and the Unexploited Amount of Data

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SaaS products represent the building blocks of a huge part of today’s B2B technologies. The ability to understand the impact of new consumer-facing technologies it’s more important than ever. This brings a lot of new challenges also for people who are not directly involved in software. This post is a walkthrough in how startups use Modern SaaS Stack (Marketing/Support/Sales) along with their journeys from day-0. How they adjust their product/marketing strategies based on new technologies. How they measure (or don’t measure) the impact of those technologies on their customers’ experiences.

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