Introducing the Plainflow Blog

Hi all! 👋  Today we’re publishing online the Plainflow blog. Before we get started we want you to know why we are doing this and what is the whole point. We’re building this blog for 5 main reasons.

1. Sharing our Company Culture

For an early stage company, it can be really tempting to relegate culture to that back pile. Because culture is probably never going to be the number-one imminent risk of death to your start-up. And yet, if you want to build a business that lasts, we believe it’s still one of the most important things to think about, when you are 3 people, when you are 10 people, when you are 50 and more.

From engineering to marketing, from product strategy to design we’ll be sharing our principles, our internal codes and our manifestos to make you fully aware of who we are and why we dare to be different.

We’ll use the Plainflow Blog to share our company culture, our values, our principles.

2. Telling our journey

We’re building Plainflow to let startups bootstrap all their marketing activities from day-0 with less effort, fewer resources (we offer a free tier plan for early-stage startups) and more efficiency.

We are a startup too and as many other early-stage companies, we’ll face so many different kinds of problems, challenges, and obstacles along our journey. From product to hiring, from customer acquisition to customer churn.

We’ll use this Plainflow Blog as a genuinely way to share our journey.

3. Telling our Product decisions

There is a very powerful quote from Simon Sinek.

People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe

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We know people don’t typically come and buy a product just because of its features. We all buy a product because of the problem that it solves and the value it delivers to the end-user. That’s why we think that what really matter is the why are we delivering something over the what we are delivering.

For each feature of Plainflow that we will build and deliver, we’ll tell you a story. Each of these stories will tell you Why we built that, Why we did that way and Why you should care. We’ll show you the music, not the guitar. 

We’ll use this Plainflow Blog to tell you those stories.

4. Telling our Engineering decisions

We’re builder and we are aware that a massive effort in building a great Software product goes to the tech component of it. While we know that telling to customers the why behind a product decision is one the most important thing we also know that curious minds always want to go beyond and see how things are under the hood.

That’s why we’ll use this Blog to expose and tell you the interesting part of our technology.

What framework we are using, what are the major technological challenges that we are facing, what kind of tech problems we’re solving, what are the core components of our IT infrastructure. If you’re an engineer you’re going to love it.

We’ll use this Plainflow Blog to show you how we actually do things.

5. Collaborate with you

While we’ll be talking about SaaS Product, Marketing Automation, Engineering, and many other different topics the number-one reason we’re here is because we want to to get in touch with you.

No matter how: might be a tweet @plainflow, might be an email to founders [at] plainflow [dot] com or, might be a comment right below in this post, we’d love to hear from you anyway.

Over the next few months, we’ll be starting a few open projects to get you involved as much as we can. Each week we’ll be sending an email to all the subscribers of this blog.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking “Gosh, another newsletter!”.

But not this one! This is a bit different email as it’s compiled by others and it’s totally open source. 

The files in this GitHub Repo are used to produce the Plainflow Week in Review. We’ll read the articles proposed in each single Pull Request you will open to the repo and we will include the best ones.

Read more here to know more about this project.

We’ll use this Plainflow Blog to work with you.

Now that you know what you might expect from us in this Blog, I’d love to know what we might expect from you! What are the topics that you would love to read here in this Blog?