Introducing The Plainflow Digested Week

The PlainFlow Digested Week is a crowdsource email newsletter that goes to all the PlainFlow subscribers. You can contribute to this email by submitting useful links in this public Github repo. Every Monday morning 9 am PST we will review and approve your pull requests aiming to send the email to your inbox by 10 am PST.

A few days ago we published this introductory post to explain what we intend to do with our Blog.
Over the next few months – while we’ll be working hard on building the technology behind PlainFlow – we will start creating a few new Open Projects.

And the first of these (undisclosed) projects is The PlainFlow Digested Week.


  1. When (and why) did we come up with?
  2. What’s in the PlainFlow Digested Week?
  3. Content and style guidelines
  4. How does this work
  5. How do I submit a new link?
  6. Style Guidelines when submitting a new Pull Request

When (and why) did we come up with it?

Nowadays there are A LOT of email newsletters. Almost every blog has that aside-email box, the modal popup that keeps asking for your email. There’s no denying it — we all know how good are emails newsletter in driving traffic and retaining readers.

But when we started to imagine to The PlainFlow Digested Week we started to think of our favorite newsletter and a few great names came up: Ben Evans, Social CapitalA16Z.
They question was: what do they all have in common? They are not 100% narrow on the posts in their own Blog. They also include posts from a vast variety of blogs.

They perfectly understood that as long as you’re giving great articles to your readers, it doesn’t really matter whether the original source was yours or someone else’ blog.

Not only we wanted to go beyond the standard “What’s new in the – our – Blog”, featuring relevant external resources, we also wanted to have our own readers to add what they’ve have found interesting.

We’re building “The PlainFlow Digested Week” to build a high-standard newsletter and to make the readers focused on what matters most in the Marketing Automation industry.

Content and Style Guidelines

In order to keep the bar as high as possible, we will add your posts only if they meet the following 4 principles:


The great Alfred Hitchcock once said:

“To make a great film you need three things – the script, the script and the script.”

The script is to movies as the content is to newsletters.

We’re asking you to submit only what you think is so genuinely interesting that’s worth other people’s time. Always avoid catchy titles or more-searched-terms kind of articles.


We’re starting this open project because we love great content and because we want to make that available to you, not because we want you to read specific blogs or authors.
It’s important for us that you submit articles in a fair way without obvious bias or added commentary.


We won’t sell anything in this newsletter. It’s not our goal and should not be your either. We need your full transparency.


In a world that is constantly changing being up to date is quite relevant.
We’re not Google and we’re not as strict as the PageRank algorithm, but fresh content is something we value.

What’s in the PlainFlow Digested Week

We divided the Email template into 5 different main areas:

  1. Headline
  2. On Email Marketing
  3. On Marketing Automation
  4. On Tech Marketing
  5. What surprised us

I. Headline

In the headline, we’ll tell you a brief summary of the content below. How people contributed to the Email and how many PRs we’ve got. We’ll also tell you what’s email number and a quick link to get access to another newsletter we’ve published.

II. On Email Marketing 📧

This whole section is about Email Marketing. If you work in this industry you’ll probably already read a few great blogs out there:
Litmus Blog
Really Good Emails
HTeuMeuLeu Medium Blog

What can you submit here?

  1. Tech articles about email development
  2. Email tutorials
  3. Onboarding emails, product emails, retention emails, promotion emails, whatever-category-emails
  4. Podcast or videos are fine as long as they are about Email Marketing

III. On Marketing Automation ⚡

Marketing Automation is one of the topics that we love most. Simple smart ways of building complex things.

What can you submit here?

  1. Marketing Automation Templates
  2. Different Automation scenarios
  3. Marketing integrations
  4. Example of Product, Marketing or Sales automation

IV. On Tech Marketing 💻

No matter if you work in Product, Marketing, or in Sales, nowadays you need to understand how technologies work together and how you can get this most out of those.

We want this whole section dedicated to Marketing Technology.

What can you submit here?

  1. Real-world scenarios of Marketing Technology
  2. How different SaaS marketing tools work together
  3. APIs and marketing integrations

V. What surprised us this week 📚

If you’ve got something interesting that you want to show here but it’s not suitable for all the categories above, this is your go-to section.

As long as you respect the Content & Style Guidelines written above, you can post here (almost) your want.

How does this work? Our workflow

We will be reviewing and approving the pull requests each day from Tuesday till Monday morning.

PlainFlow digested week pull request workflow
Every Monday morning 8:30 am PST we will make sure we had reviewed and approved all your pull requests. We’ll send the email to your inbox by 10 am PST.

This is how a traditional Monday morning will look like for us.


How do I submit a new link? 📚

You can contribute to the PlainFlow Digested Week by submitting a pull request.

If you’re new to GitHub, don’t panic. You don’t necessarily need to open your terminal to submit a pull request.

Here’s a 5-step tutorial to submit a new article:

  1. Find the current Month directory by clicking here
  2. Open the OPEN-pfwd-$w.html
  3. Click “Edit this file”
  4. Edit the HTML of the page and add your links
  5. Select the “Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request” radio button and submit your edits

To learn more about Pull Request feel free to check out: About pull requests

Style Guidelines when submitting a new Pull Request 📚

This is the structure we suggest to keep consistent the articles visualization.


  1. Rank your resource at the beginning based on the other links position
  2. Mention the author (link to his twitter profile) to give credits
  3. Brief description of the resource
  4. Link to the resource


So this is how a final pull-request will look like.




This is how the code looks like:




If you’re wondering how to subscribe, you can just leave your email here:

Now have fun!