Data Tracking Libraries

Collecting data is crucial to better segment your audience and trigger the workflows you created.

Plainflow already collects data coming from the integrations you enabled. But we need your help to collect data coming from your product.

Plainflow offers native tracking libraries written for the most popular languages.

Libraries are grouped into 3 categories: client side, server side, and mobile libraries.

The Web Tracker

Plainflow.js is the Javascript library that can track events coming from both the anonymous and the logged-in users of your website.

Server side libraries

We support the following server-side programming languages:

Golang, and .NET libraries will be available soon.

Mobile libraries

Mobile libraries for iOS and Android will come soon!

Do you want to use Plainflow but your business relies on a mobile app? Let us know! 😍

Raw HTTP API Calls

You can also send data calling our HTTP APIs directly. That’s what our libraries do under the hood. Have a look at the HTTP Spec to know more.

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