MadKudu integration

  1. What is MadKudu?
  2. How to use it in Plainflow’s workflow?
  3. How to integrate with MadKudu?
  4. Usecases with MadKudu

What is MadKudu?

MadKudu applies machine learning algorithms to your customer data to identify the users most likely to purchase based on app behavior, demographic data, title, industry category, company size, and much more.

How to use MadKudu in Plainflow’s workflow?

For each of your customers, MadKudu calculates the customer-fit and a series of other additional signals.

We don’t support yet MadKudu’s likelihood-to-buy parameter, but you can always send that parameter to Plainflow via Segment

alt shadow-madkdu-action

When configuring the MadKudu action you’ll need to define a specific profile property. MadKudu will use that property to score the customer-fit and to lookup other predictive information.

The MadKudu API allows you to score the customer-fit both via a domain name and via a person’s email address.

alt shadow-madkdu-action


The possible values for the customer-fit are:

lowThe identified leads are not qualified for your type of business
mediumMadKudu recommends to contact these users within 48 hours
goodMadKudu recommends to contact these users within 4 hours
very goodMadKudu recommends to contact these users within 4 hours

👉 See here the full Madkudu documentation for customer-fit.

Default signals:

first_namestringFirst name of the person
last_namestringLast name of the the person
domainstringThe domain associated with this email address
is_studentbooleantrue if the email is identified as a student email
is_personal_emailbooleantrue if the email is identified as a spam email
is_spambooleantrue if the email is identified as a personal (or disposable) email address (e.g.
customer_fit.segmentarrayHow close is this customer from your ideal customer profile?
customer_fit.top_signalsarrayAn array of signals explaining the customer_fit segment

You can use MadKudu’s score to improve the way your customer journeys are designed and reach out to reach out to your users exactly when they’re ready to buy your product or to hear from you.

How to integrate with MadKudu

If you are already a MadKudu customer on the MadKudu Pro plan, you have access to the the MadKudu API.

alt shadow-madkdu-api

alt shadow-madkdu-api

  • Paste 📋 the secret MadKudu API key and you will be authorized to use the MadKudu actions at any step of your workflow

If you’re not using MadKudu

Plainflow don’t send the data to Madkudu. If you’re not using MadKudu you need to send your customer data to Madkudu.

There are several ways to start sending them your customer data, you can check them out here.

Usecases with MadKudu

Plainflow gives you the flexibility and call a MadKudu API exactly when you need it.

Here are some use cases:

More details on MadKudu here.

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