Integrate with the tools you are already using

Plainflow currently supports the following integrations:

Integration namePublishedUse cases
SegmentLive πŸš€See a use case
SlackLive πŸš€See a use case
ZapierLive πŸš€See a use case
PlainflowLive πŸš€See a use case
Email NotificationLive πŸš€See a use case
WebhookLive πŸš€See a use case
ClearbitLive πŸš€See a use case
MadKuduLive πŸš€See a use case

What integrations are on your roadmap?

The following integrations are planned on the Plainflow our roadmap.

☝ If you don’t see what you are looking for or if you have an interesting use case/scenario to share, let us know with an email at friends@plainflow or by writing us using the blue chat widget below.

Integration namePublishedUse cases
TypeformIn roadmapVote for it
DriftIn roadmapVote for it
ZendeskIn roadmapVote for it
StripeIn roadmapVote for it
Browser notificationsIn roadmapVote for it
Push notificationsIn roadmapVote for it
LobIn roadmapVote for it
SurveyMonkeyIn roadmapVote for it

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