Plainflow integration

The Plainflow native integration allows you to create, modify, or remove a customer’s property as they move through a workflow.

You don’t need to configure anything to start modifying user properties. Here are a few common use cases for the attribute update action:

  • Updating a customer’s subscription date, for “account anniversary” campaigns.
  • Marking a user as a potential customers, and perhaps kickstarting another workflow as a result.
  • When a customer complete the workflow of onboarding you might want to set a new property onboarding-completed equals to true.
  • Marking a user as onboarded after he completes a specific onboarding workflow.

These are just a few of the use cases we’ve uncovered so far.

How to use it in your workflows?

When you add a new workflow card click on the first integration you see in the right panel.

alt shadow-plainflow-integration

Once you’ve name your new workflow step, set a new property name and enter the new value for your new profile property.

In our usecase we want to mark a user profile who gets sucesfully enriched with the property enrichment_status equals to sucess.

☝ Note: programmatic profile are not dynamically added.

If you’ve found a cool use case for the attribute action or you need some help setting it up, just get in touch at or hit that blue box below.

Does this create new attributes, too? What if it doesn’t exist?

Yes! If an attribute doesn’t exist for a customer and they enter this action in the workflow, that attribute will be set for them.

Can I use Nunjucks in attribute names?

Not yet. You can use Nunjucks in the attribute value, but not in the name — if you feel you need to do this, hit that blue chat box in the below. We’d love more information on your particular use case.

Can I modify multiple attributes in one action?

Unfortunately not. Each action only modifies one attribute.

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