Segment Integration

Segment is a single hub to collect, manage and route customer analytics data. By configuring it with Plainflow, Segment will be able to route all your Customer Data to Plainflow.

How to configure Segment in Plainflow

Step 1

Log in into Segment and head to your main workspace, then click on add destination.


Step 2

Search for the webhook integration in the Segment Integrations catalog.


Step 3

Click the Configure webhooks button, then click Webhook (max 5).


Step 4

Head to the settings section in your Plainflow account. Copy Plainflow’s webhook url and headers, paste them in the configuration of your Segment’s webhook integration.


Step 5

Then activate your new destination by hitting the blue toggle.


Step 6

You can add as many sources as you want to send all your customer data to Plainflow in less than a minute.


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