Slack integration

Slack is a powerful workplace collaboration tool that can also send and receive data or event notifications. For example, you can configure your web applications to send notifications to a Slack channel whenever a certain conversion event occurs.

With Plainflow you can send any kind of notifications to a Slack channel everytime a user matches the initial trigger criteria of a workflow. All of this is possible without writing a single line of code.

Enable Slack in Plainflow

If you don’t already have an account, you can create your team at

While logged into your Plainflow account head to the Slack integration.


Click Enable Slack and then Authorize, if all goes well, you should return to Plainflow and see something like this.


Use Slack in a Plainflow workflow

Now that you’re ready to start sending Slack messages in Plainflow, the next step is to create a workflow or edit an existing one. In this example, we created a new workflow and we used the segment “New paying customers” as our initial trigger.


Then select the Slack action, give a name to the label and compose your message. Ultimately select the channel where you’d like to trigger the Slack message.


Eventually click the Start button to active the workflow.

For every new paying customer, this workflow is going to send a message to your #general Slack channel and an email to the user confirming his subscription paid.


We’re excited to hear how you end up using Slack with Plainflow.

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