Profiles overview

Each profile is a repository for everything we know about a specific customer.

Plainflow supports anonymous users, even though they are not displayed in your profiles section with a full profile view. Learn here how to create segments for anonymous users.

Profiles are a combination of actions the user performs in your product, those performed in third-party products that we support, and the profile properties that you send us every time you send us an Identify event.

For example, if you have enriched your users using Clearbit Enrichment in our workflow, you will see additional information in your user profile.

Profiles include 3 components:

1. Profile overview

The profile overview is a recap of your userโ€™s most important traits. You will be able to see the full name of your user, their email, and location at a glance.

The overview includes additional relevant information such as whether or not the user is active, the subscription status, and the channel where they are most engaged.


Property nameProperty descriptionPossible values
User statusThis is a boolean value that tells you whether you user is active or, inactive
Subsription statusThis is description of the possible subscription status of any given usernever subscribed, trial active, trial canceled, trial expired, active, blocked, canceled, expired, unknown
Preferred channelThis defines what the optimal channel to contact that usersWe currently only support email notifications. More to come soon ๐Ÿš€

2. Profile properties

Profile properties contain a userโ€™s attributes and traits. Properties can change over time as the user evolves through the lifecycles of your product.

You can use properties to refine user segments and model journeys through your workflows.

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3. Profile activities

Profile activities are actions that the user has actively performed.

Activities can come from behaviors the users performed while interacting with your app or with your product, but also behaviors performed while interacting with you on third-party products or integrations.

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