Getting started with Workflow

Workflows are the core of Plainflow. Workflows are the place where you design and model the experiences your customers have while interacting with your product.

How do I start? ⚑

Head to the workflow section. You will find here the list of all your active and non active workflows – like below here πŸ‘‡

alt shadow-wf-listing

Each workflow card (see example below) is thought to give instant information about any given workflows.

alt wf-card

IntegrationsEach card will tell you how many integrations you are using your workflow and who they are
TitleEach workflow has a title name. You will configure the name in the workflow editor
StatusThe status of each workflow can be: active or idle
Enrolled usersThe number of matching poeple will tell you how many people are currently enrolled on that journey
CategoryEach workflow needs to be marked with a category name (onboarding, retention, activation, referral, revenue, others)

Click on the workflow card and you will enter the workflow editor. πŸ‘‡

alt shadow-wf-card

You will design your customer journeys in the workflow editor by using these three fundamental components:

➑ Triggers

➑ Actions

➑ Statements

➑ Connectors

Can I delete a workflow?

You can always delete any workflow that has never been activated. You cannot delete a workflow that you have already activated.

Can I edit my workflows?

You can edit always edit a workflow as long it’s paused. You cannot change the structure of a workflow when its status is active.

Can I pause my workflow?

You can you can pause your workflows whenever you want. Hit the top-right button Start to activate your workflow and hit it again to stop it.

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