De-anonymize only users who have taken specific actions

Clearbit Reveal allows you to turn anonymous web traffic into opportunities. When using Clearbit in combination with Plainflow you have the flexibility to call Clearbit Reveal at specific step in your workflows. In this recipe, we're revealing only the anonymous users who have taken a set of specific actions.


1. Set up your trigger

Create a Plainflow segment to specify the rules for which users should enroll in this journey. In this case, we want to enroll all users who have visited the pricing page at least three times in the last 30 days.


2. Use the Clearbit Reveal action

Use Clearbit Reveal to de-anonymize the anonymous users who enroll in the segment and capture the company domain associated with their IP addresses. By revealing the company domain you can also capture extra information and look up the company data.


3. Sync your data anywhere via Zapier

One you have the company name and the enriched company information you can trigger a zap on Zapier and send it anywhere, anytime. Send it to your CRM, your email marketing tool, or even to Slack.

What you need

  • Clearbit Reveal subscription

  • Zapier account

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