Enroll inactive trial users in AdRoll

The trial process is a critical step for most SaaS products. SaaS companies usually send drip email campaigns to make onboarding easier and increase activation rates. But what can you do to get your inactive trial users more engaged with your product? In this recipe, we will take action on those users.


1. Set up your trigger

Build a Plainflow segment to specify the actions that a trial user should have performed. In this case, we want to enroll all users who have successfully started a trial with your product.


2. Send a Drip Email sequence

Trigger a sequence of 3 onboarding emails over a period of 5 days that will guide your user to adopt your product.


3. Enroll the user in an AdRoll campaign

If your user is still inactive and has not taken action on any of the onboarding emails, then email is probably not the right channel. To engage with your users on another channel, you can include your inactive trial user into an AdRoll custom audience campaign.

What you need

  • AdRoll subscription

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