Reveal Loop

The Reveal Loop ties identification, enrichment, and scoring together in one seamless data flow. It allows you to create opportunities in your CRM by de-anonymizing your incoming web traffic, capturing company names, scoring those companies, and syncing data.


1. Set up your trigger

Build a Plainflow segment to specify the rules for which users should enroll in this journey. In this case, we want to enroll all users who viewed at least three pages on your website in the last seven days, including a visit to the pricing page.


2. Get Company Name via Clearbit Reveal

Use Clearbit Reveal to reveal the anonymous users and capture their company domain.


3. Score the customer-fit

Now that you know the company domain, use MadKudu to score the customer-fit of that company. Companies with a low customer-fit will be discarded, companies with a high customer-fit will go the next step.


4. Look up the Company name on Salesforce (or your favourite CRM)

Now that you know that the company is a target, you want to make sure that you don't already have an existing opportunity on Salesforce. Trigger a zap to make sure the company isn’t already on Salesforce.


5. Create a new opportunity on Salesforce (or your favourite CRM)

If you don't already have a company with that domain on Salesforce (or your CRM), trigger a zap that will automatically create a new opportunity for you.


6. Send a Slack notification

Send a real-time slack notification to alert your sales team that an opportunity with high buying intent has just been uploaded to your Salesforce (or you CRM).

What you need

  • Clearbit Reveal subscription

  • MadKudu subscription

  • Salesforce account

  • Slack account

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