Send a handwritten thank you every time a customer refers a bug

Today’s customers expect to be heard and understood. In this recipe, you will set up a workflow to incentivize customers to provide feedback and thank them for going the extra mile with handwritten postcards delivered to at their doorstep.


1. Set up your trigger

Build a Plainflow segment to specify the rules for which users should enroll in this journey. In this case, we want to enroll all users with an active subscription that submitted a product feedback or reported a bug.


2. Send email with Typeform

If you already have customers’ physical addresses, you can can skip this step. Otherwise, you can email them a Typeform survey where you request this information. Plainflow will tie the response to the customer and will save it in the user profile.


3. Send a postcard via Handwrytten

When the customer responds to the Typeform survey, trigger a zap via Zapier for to deliver the handwritten letter on your behalf.


4. Send Slack notification

When the letter is about to be dispatched, send a new notification in your #letters Slack channel to say that a new postcard has been sent to a loyal customer.

What you need

  • Typeform subscription

  • Handwrytten subscription

  • Slack account

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