Send a personalized welcome video to new users

Delighting the customer and scaling the relationship is a must for every successful SaaS company. Bonjoro does just that: it enables you to send 1-to-1 personal video emails. Use Bonjoro to welcome your new user with a video message, based on their job role. Rather than a generic message, you can send targeted video messages that show your new developers, marketers, or salespeople that you understand their role, their challenges.


1. Set up your trigger

Build a Plainflow segment to specify the rules for which user should enroll in this journey. In this case, we want to enroll all users who have just signed up for our product.


2. Enrich your new users with Clearbit

For every new user that signs up for your product, use the Clearbit Enrichment action to enrich the profile. Clearbit will return more than 85 data points that will be added and stored in the customer profile in Plainflow.


3. Assign a task on the Bonjoro app

For each new user, Plainflow will automatically create a new task in your Bonjoro app specifying the user: marketing, engineering, or sales.


4. Send a Slack notification

Send a notification to your #bonjoro-room on Slack reminding your team that a new user has been registered and a new task has been created.

What you need

  • Clearbit Enrichment subscription

  • Bonjoro subscription

  • Slack account

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