All of your customer data in one place.

Plainflow centralizes everything you need to know about any given customer under a single profile view.

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Understand your users in depth.

Connect the dots between company data, data from your marketing integrations, and user data to know even more about customers, their preferences, and how they interact with your product.



Everything you need to know about your users. Name, email, role, company, and location are all user properties.


Anything that users do with your product. Sign up, subscription, purchase, and plan upgrades are all user events.



All of the messages your users receive. We'll automatically log each message you send to users across all of the tools in your marketing and sales stack.

Powerful, actionable segmentation

Take advantage of all of your data—from user properties, external integration or user events—to create new segments.


Instant insights on every segment

Zoom in on any segment to better understand user behaviors and patterns.

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