Create workflows that leverage all of your favorite products.

Design your ideal customer experience with automated workflows that easily integrate your favorite marketing and sales technologies.

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This is where the magic begins

Every customer journey starts with an initial trigger, which can be segment- or event-based.

Segment-based triggers activate the workflow when a user enters a segment. Event-based triggers activate the workflow when user completes an action or a configured event has been performed.


Execute each customer touchpoint with ease

Whether you need to welcome your new users with an email, invite them to your Slack support group, enrich their profiles with Clearbit, or thank them with a personal postcard, you can easily select the desired action for each integration in your marketing and sales and stack.

Choose the integrations you need to compose your perfect marketing and sales stack with zero engineering effort.



Extend the logic of your workflows

Branch your workflows according to conditional criteria, add delays between two or more steps, make variations with A/B splits, track multiple goals, and more.

Statements give you the flexibility to build and control your customer journey from start to finish and everything in between.

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Deliver a customer experience that’s as unique as you
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